ieemc – To become a member of the Consortium

The rational of the IEEMC is to establish a web site of sound recordings which include telepathic exchanges with extraterrestrials and translating those telepathic exchanges into sound compositions lasting 7 to 10 minute. Along with the mp3 file is also included a short story of 300 to 500 words on where the artist had his/her contact experience, what year and type of contact was experienced i.e. visual siting, abduction or a telepathic exchange.

These sound compositions should be saved as mp3 files and sent to one of the three locations of the IEEMC along with a personal contact story.

The transmissions received should motivate the artist to create sounds that were stimulated by receiving telepathic communications from extraterrestrials.

These extraterrestrial messages can be experienced in many forms including anomalous cognitive activity, a higher level of integration of the conscious state in the universe or the assimilation of an innate understanding of the forces of the universe.

All personal experiences of having contact with extraterrestrials should encourage the artists to successfully integrate off planet consciousness, whose purpose is to supports life on our home planet, by expressing those messages in unique sound compositions.